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Design Tools

One of the ideas that we are developing throughout the course of this KTF project at the DCRC is useful conceptual design tools for people who want to create their own pervasive experiences.

As we have said elsewhere, we are building on previous work that was the outcome of a series of expert workshops in 2004 on what we then called Mobile Media Experiences. These workshops brought together people from different disciplines to discuss a range of experiences that had been created using the Mobile Bristol Toolkit, a forerunner to mscape. The discussion and reflection in those workshops generated a descriptive template and a set of design dimensions that could be applied to projects both as an analytical tool and for designers to use when planning a project.

Although we are now exploring the question of which elements are still relevant when working not just in mobile/locative media but in the more complex world of pervasive media, it is worth including the original template and dimensions here. Our aim is to identify and define a new set of Design Dimensions that will be as useful as the early set has been to developers.

Descriptive Template   Design Dimensions